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Time: 2021-01-14 07:51:28Copyfrom: Wuxi omnipotent Technology Co., Ltd

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Yes,it's the thread milling method of CNC machining!1.Characteristics of thread millingThread milling adopts thread milling tool and three-axis linkage of machining center,that is,x-axis and y-axis ar...

Yes,it's the thread milling method of CNC machining!

1.Characteristics of thread milling

Thread milling adopts thread milling tool and three-axis linkage of machining center,that is,x-axis and y-axis arc interpolation and z-axis linear feed.

Thread milling is mainly used for machining large hole threads and threaded holes of difficult to machine materials.It mainly has the following characteristics:

(1)high processing speed,high efficiency and high processing precision.The cutting tool material is generally cemented carbide material,and the cutting speed is fast.The manufacturing accuracy of the cutter is high,so the milling thread accuracy is high.

(2)milling tools have a wide range of application.As long as the pitch is the same,whether it is left-hand thread or right-hand thread,one tool can be used,which is conducive to reducing the tool cost.

(3)milling is easy to remove chips and cool,and the cutting condition is better than that of tap.It is especially suitable for thread processing of difficult to process materials such as aluminum,copper and stainless steel,especially for thread processing of large parts and components of precious materials,which can ensure the thread processing quality and workpiece safety.

(4)because there is no tool front-end guide,it is suitable for machining blind holes with short thread bottom holes and holes without tool return grooves.

2.Classification of thread milling tools

Thread milling tools can be divided into two types,one is machine clamp cemented carbide blade milling cutter,the other is integral cemented carbide milling cutter.The clamping tool has a wide range of applications.It can process both holes with thread depth less than the blade length and holes with thread depth greater than the blade length.Integral cemented carbide milling cutter is generally used to process holes with thread depth less than tool length.

3.NC programming of thread milling

The programming of thread milling tool is different from that of other tools.If the machining program is wrong,it is easy to cause tool damage or thread machining error.The following points shall be noted during preparation:

(1)firstly,the threaded bottom hole shall be processed well,the small diameter hole shall be processed with a drill,and the larger hole shall be bored to ensure the accuracy of the threaded bottom hole.

(2)when cutting in and out,the cutter shall adopt the arc track,usually 1/2 circle,and travel 1/2 pitch in the z-axis direction to ensure the thread shape.The tool radius compensation value should be brought in at this time.

(3)the x-axis and y-axis circular arc shall be interpolated for one week,and the main shaft shall travel a pitch along the z-axis direction,otherwise the threads will be buckled disorderly.

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