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Time: 2020-11-30 07:22:31Copyfrom: Wuxi omnipotent Technology Co., Ltd

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What is the difference between NC machining and traditional machining?NC machining process originates from conventional machining process and is an organic combination of conventional machining proces...

What is the difference between NC machining and traditional machining?

NC machining process originates from conventional machining process and is an organic combination of conventional machining process, computer NC technology, computer-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology. Due to the continuous development of technology, more and more parts need to be precision machined in modern manufacturing industry, and the requirements for machining accuracy and workpiece surface complexity are also higher and higher. Therefore, NC machining has been widely concerned, but in terms of cost saving, NC machining is still higher than traditional machining cost. Now let's introduce the difference between NC machining and traditional machining technology.

1. Processing technology

In the ordinary machining process, simplified processing can be carried out in terms of positioning datum, clamping mode, cutting tool, cutting method, etc., but the data processing process is relatively complex, and these factors need to be fully considered. Moreover, even for the same machining task, there can be multiple schemes for NC machining process, Multiple machining parts and machining tools can be arranged as the main line. The process has the characteristics of diversification, which is the difference between NC machining process and traditional machining process.

2. Clamping and fixture

In NC machining process, not only the coordinate direction of fixture and machine tool should be relatively fixed, but also the dimensional relationship between parts and machine tool coordinate system should be coordinated. Moreover, the two steps of positioning and clamping need to be effectively controlled in the clamping process. Moreover, under the traditional machining process, because the machining capacity of the machine tool is limited, it needs to be clamped many times in the machining process. Moreover, special fixtures need to be used, which leads to the high cost of fixture design and manufacturing, which virtually increases the production cost of products. The positioning of NC machining process can be debugged by instruments. In most cases, there is no need to design special fixtures, so its cost is relatively low.

3. Cutting tools

In the machining process, the selection of cutting tools needs to be determined according to different machining processes and methods. Especially in NC machining, the use of high-speed cutting is not only conducive to the improvement of machining efficiency, but also the machining quality can be guaranteed, which can effectively reduce the probability of cutting deformation and shorten the machining cycle. Therefore, the demand for cutting tools under cutting is further increased.

At present, there is also a dry cutting method. This cutting method cuts without cutting fluid or with only a small amount of cutting fluid, so the tool needs to have good heat resistance. Compared with ordinary machining technology, NC machining technology has higher requirements for the performance of cutting tools.

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